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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sadly I can't travel all the time, but I love being a tourist in my own town. I have been going to the aquarium since I moved to Monterey when I was one. My family had a tradition that every Sunday we would go to First Awakenings for breakfast, then spend the day at the Aquarium.

Now that we no longer have passes, we only go once or twice a year so I always take a bunch of pictures! Here are my favorites from the last time I went.. Enjoy!

Jellyfish Exhibit.

Jellyfish Exhibit.

Squid, from the Tentacles Exhibit.

We got really lucky, she was really showing off for us!

Another one of the Octopus!

Bat Ray from the Deep Sea

Observation Deck where you can try to find animals outside too!

& of course the adorable Otters! He loved posing for me :)

& That's all for today!